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Brand Ambassadors

Canadian Brand Ambassadors


    Brand Ambassadors

      • Todd Anderson
      • Sho Aoki
      • Clay Ballard
      • Chris Como
      • Chuck Cook
      • Cary Cozby
      • Bruce Davidson
      • Cameron Doan
      • Lee Elder
      • Eden Foster
      • John Graham
      • Ken Horio
      • Pat Hurst
      • Yumi Katsumata
      • Sasho MacKenzie
      • Lynn Marriott
      • Eduardo Miquel
      • Tom Morton
      • Pia Nilsson
      • Makoto Onodera
      • Andrew Rice
      • Kellie Stenzel
      • Boyd Summerhays
      • Tania Tare
      • Stan Utley
      • Grant Waite

      Ping Moments in History

      Karsten Poses Outside First Gold Putter Vault
      The PING Gold Putter Vault is created to recognize PING putter wins by tour pros. For every tour win with a PING putter, two gold-plated replicas of the winning model are made. One is given to the tournament champion, the other is placed in the vault.
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