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PING Tele-Fitting

PING Tele-Fitting

CLICK HERE to book a virtual fitting!

An accessible way to start the PING fitting process and help you Play Your Best.

Unable to see a PING Fitter in person? Get Custom Fit by a PING Fitter through a one-on-one fitting session via Video Call. While we always recommend spending time with a PING Fitter in person, the private face-to-face consultation gives you FREE access to our PING Fitters from the comfort of your home.

Using data tools and resources (ie. WEBFIT, etc.) that have been developed at the PING Proving Grounds, our experienced PING Fitters will be able to walk you through the consultation (approximately 45 minutes in length) and can better determine a recommendation for your next set of PING clubs.

Getting Started with WebFit and what is required for your Virtual Fitting:

  • Access our new WEBFIT application by signing up for PING NATION, our new PING Community site. Track your purchases, subscribe to Engineering, Fitting, and Tour newsletters, get exclusive promotions and much more!
  • Step 1: Register for PING NATION. Click here to sign up!
  • Step 2: Once you've created your PING NATION account and received your confirmation email, login to our WEBFIT platform with your PING NATION credentials. 
  • Step 3: After you’ve completed your WebFit, your bag recommendation will automatically sync to your PING NATION profile dashboard. If you need to change or restart the process, click the "view all" button on the WebFit tile and it will take you back to the WebFit site. 
  • Step 4: Gather the specifications from your current equipment. Information like the loft, set make-up, shaft, grip, etc. can be very helpful for the PING Fitters to narrow in on a potential recommendation.
  • Step 5: Book an appointment for your virtual fitting. Click here to book! 

Launch Data, and Swing Videos:

  • For the best experience, the more information about your game, the better. Here is some of the additional information that when provided could improve the virtual fitting experience:
  • For the best experience, the more information about your game, the better. Here is some of the additional information that when provided could improve the virtual fitting experience:
  • 1. Launch Conditions and Club Delivery – If you have been on a launch monitor recently, please have your Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Spin Rate, and Angle of Attack ready to share. If you do not have this data available, we will still be able to assist here.
  • 2. Golf Course Data / Statistics – If you use a golf-stats application, such as Arccos, please have your data ready to share with us for your performance consultation.
  • 3. Videos of Golf Swing – Be prepared to access and screen share any swing videos (face-on view and down the line at full-speed is preferred). This is helpful for shaft fitting and analyzing how you load the shaft as well as checking length and lie angle.  
  • 4. Videos of Putting Stroke: For putting consultation, have a down-the-line and face-on view of your putting stroke (even if it is on your living room floor or carpet).


Looking to book an appointment or do you have questions?

Get in touch with our one of our experienced Fitters for questions about our clubs or the PING Fitting Process:
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Ping Moments in History

First Color Coded Karsten Irons
PING introduces the Color Coding System. This system distinguishes the lie angle of the club with a colored dot in the cavity. Golfers quickly see how having the right lie angle helps their game and begin to identify themselves with their particular color code.

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