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Wedge Fitting

Wedge Fitting

According to the latest Arccos data, wedges make up around 25% of your total shots, but are too often overlooked in the fitting process. We focus on five primary goals when fitting wedges:

  1. Optimizing your highest-lofted greenside wedge first
  2. Building your gapping and set configuration into your irons
  3. Optimizing your grinds – specific to your technique and playing conditions
  4. Maximizing spin generation to give you more control
  5. Optimizing lie angle, length, weight/balance, and grip

A look at more than 10 million shots in our Arccos database reveals that over 4% of wedges shots are played with your highest-lofted wedge. Of those shots, 65% are played from the rough. Noting this, we like to start a wedge fitting from a variety of lies around the greens first. We call this “game-like fitting” where we set up stations and protocols that create on-course situations into the fitting process. The end result is that you’ve been custom fit into the right grind and ready for short-game mastery.

Lofted Wedge Usage by Terrain
Lofted Wedge Usage by Terrain Pie chart showing the percentage of lofted wedge shots hit from various types of terrain 65.82% 19.01% 9.64% 3.15% 2.11% Rough Fairway Sand Recovery Tee
Based on 2020 Arccos data containing over 10 million total shots


After your greenside wedge is custom fit and optimized, we’ll build the right gapping to marry into your irons. This could be a three or four wedge system, with lofts and lie angles (color code) built to enable precision distance gapping and flight control in these important scoring clubs.

Spin Generation

PING knows a thing or two about grooves and how to generate spin. Nowhere is this more important than your wedges. Just like having the right tires on your vehicle for driving in the rain or dirt, the grooves and finish on PING wedges will unlock control and spin generation. The more friction, or compliance, we can generate between the ball and clubface during the impact, the better. Nearly all wedge shots are played from the ground or rough, and grass has a high moisture content. When fitting wedges, we encourage a comparison of spin, and choosing wedges that generate maximum spin and a corresponding low launch angle. In doing so, you will leave with more control of the golf ball.


If you are being fit at in indoor location, encourage your fitter to spray the golf ball with a light mist of water when comparing wedges. This will simulate outdoor conditions for testing consistency of spin between wedges.

Glide 3.0 wedge covered in water droplets
Sole Grinds

PING wedges are engineered with a variety of sole grinds to suit your attack angle and the turf conditions you typically play so that you can execute more types of shots with confidence.

Sole Grind Selection
Sole Grind Selection Table that recommends a particular sole grind based on divot depth and turf and sand conditions. Legend Description of sole grind recommendations in chart Sole Grind Legend TS Thinner sole and less bounce SS Moderate bounce and sole width WS Wide sole and more bounce DIVOT DEPTH SHALLOW MODERATE (OR VARIABLE) DEEP TURF & SAND CONDITIONS FIRM TS TS SS MEDIUM (OR VARIABLE) SS SS WS SOFT SS WS WS
The optimal sole grind depends on a player's divot depth as well as typical turf and sand playing conditions.
Thin Sole (TS-Grind)

The thin-sole grind facilitates precise shot-making and versatility from tight lies. Features extreme heel relief with a PING Wrx-inspired bounce grind, making it ideal for firm conditions and a shallow angle of attack.

Standard Sole (SS-Grind)

The best all-purpose grind, chosen by most golfers. It has mid-width and enhanced heel relief. Engineered for players with a moderate angle of attack. Provides exceptional performance in a variety of turf and sand conditions.

Wide Sole (WS-Grind)

The most forgiving sole through the ground as it is round and cambered with significant bounce. Recommended if you have a steep angle of attack and you typically play in soft turf and sand conditions.

Eye2 Sole

This grind matches founder Karsten Solheim’s original groundbreaking Eye2 SW sole and face profile, offering a narrow hosel transition and progressive lead edge for the ultimate in bunker performance and touch shots around the green.

Custom Grinds

For the most nuanced of players, we offer custom grinds done by our technicians who dial in our PGA Tour players. This service is also available to you through our PING Wrx department.

Ping Moments in History

Karsten's Original Sketch of Anser Putter on Record Sleeve
PING receives patent for the Anser putter. The Anser's revolutionary design, first drawn up on a record sleeve, quickly finds success on tour and on putting greens around the world.

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