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Fairway Wood and Hybrid Fitting

Fairway Wood Fitting

Filling Gaps and Set Makeup


A primary goal of properly fit fairway woods and hybrids is to fill the distance gaps and generate ideal shot heights between your driver and longest iron. PING has a lot of options for this important part of your bag, from various fairway wood models and lofts to hybrids with adjustable lofts and lie angles, to Crossovers – which are half-hybrids and half-irons.

Along with an interview, we’ll measure your ball speed and spin. This will inform a starting point for which of these options to begin with. Models vary in forgiveness and workability, and they offer different trajectories, aesthetics and feel.

PING fairway woods and hybrids can be custom fit with a shaft type and flex to fit your swing speed, swing tendencies and ball-flight preference. To fine-tune your ball flight, your fitter will assess shaft characteristics such as flex and trajectory effect. Shaft flex is a measurement of how much a shaft bends under load. A shaft’s trajectory effect considers how variables such as weight, torque, and tip stiffness affect launch conditions.

An optimization of yardage gaps and overall distance is achieved through a detailed ball-flight analysis. This is the ultimate step in refining and confirming model, lofts, lie angles and shafts.

Fairway & Hybrid Gapping Analysis
Ball flight illustrations and distances of various clubs showing the proper gapping from longest fairway wood to longest iron. Fairway & Hybrid Gapping Analysis Chart showing ball flight of various clubs with proper gapping between each 0 50 100 150 200 250 CLUB MODEL CARRY DISTANCE TOTAL DISTANCE GAP GAPPING YARDS 0 10 20 30 40 16.5 (4W) Fairway 231 238 0 Hybrid 20 Hybrid 216 221 17 4-iron Iron 202 207 14 5-iron Iron 193 196 11
Optimizing yardage gaps and overall distance is achieved through a detailed ball-flight analysis.

Ping Moments in History

Karsten and Louise with 1990 US Solheim Cup team
Karsten and Louise Solheim spearhead the founding of The Solheim Cup. The biennial match features the top women pros from the United States and Europe in a Ryder Cup-style event. The United States wins the inaugural match at Lake Nona 11 ½ to 4 ½.

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