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Introducing Sigma 2 Putters

Multi-layer face, customizable length improve feel and fit

With a focus on a softer feel and lively response through multi-layer face technology, and a newly designed adjustable-length shaft, Sigma 2 putters are engineered to bring a new level of performance and excitement to our putter line.
“In the Sigma 2, the new face design is both very soft and responsive, and you can customize your shaft length using a simple and intuitive adjustable-shaft-length technology that is standard on every putter in the line,” said John K. Solheim, PING President. “Our research indicates 8 out of 10 golfers are playing the wrong-length putters and losing strokes as a result. That’s a staggering statistic and one we’ve made easy for golfers to solve with the Sigma 2. You will see significant improvement in your consistency if you use a putter length customized to your game.”

Dual-Durometer Face

The soft, responsive feel in the Sigma 2 putters is the result of an innovative dual-durometer PEBAX face material. The softer front layer ensures the precision necessary for shorter, delicate must-makes. The firmer back layer offers the solid feedback and distance control required for holing longer-range putts and improving overall consistency. Touch and pace are further improved with PING’s patented TR face pattern, which varies in depth and pitch to speed up off-center impacts for consistent ball speeds. “Sigma 2 is designed for the golfer who prefers a putter on the softer side of the spectrum but with the response of a firm face, including more consistency on longer putts,” said Solheim.
exploded view of Sigma 2 putter face

Adjustable-Length Shaft

The USGA-conforming, adjustable-length shaft is lightweight, easy to use and sleekly concealed beneath the grip, allowing you to customize length between 32" and 36" to fit your stroke and posture. The process is quick and intuitive through the use of an adjustment tool that inserts into the top of the grip. One full turn causes approximately a ¼" adjustment up or down, and the grip remains perfectly aligned during the adjustment process.

“The adjustable shaft is just a really cool technology,” said Solheim. “You’re no longer limited to a specific length measurement. You simply adjust it until you’re comfortable, ideally with your eyes directly over the ball or slightly inside. We call it ‘invisible’ technology but once you customize it to your length, the results will be very clear on your scorecard.”
illustration of Sigma 2 adjustability

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