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The 10-club Thrive set is designed to fit golfers ages 13 and 14 or between 60" and 64" tall, bridging the gap between PING's Moxie junior sets and our adult-sized equipment. Shaft lengths, swingweights and system mass are engineered to achieve lower scores, build confidence, and make the game more fun.

PING Thrive Technology

  • entire Thrive set in bag

    Full Set Includes Carry Bag

    Included are a 460cc, high-MOI driver, high-lofted fairway wood, easy-to-hit hybrid, perimeter-weighted irons, an Anser putter, and a lightweight carry bag with padded straps. 
  • thrive fairway wood set

    Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid

    The driver offers a low-back CG to launch long, accurate drives. The fairway wood also has a deep CG to launch the ball high, and the hybrid 5-iron replacement promotes high trajectories.
  • cavity view of Thrive iron

    Cavity-Back Irons

    Cavity-back, perimeter-weighted irons (6-PW, SW) offer extreme forgiveness and accuracy, with graphite shafts for increasing clubhead speed, ball velocity and launch angle for distance.
  • cavity view of Thrive Anser putter

    Anser-Style Putter

    The Anser putter is the winningest model in history, offering heel-toe weighting for forgiveness and a sight line to help with aiming accuracy.  

Thrive Reviews

Ping Thrive



Club Loft Length
Driver 13.0°degrees 43 1/2" 1/2
5-wood 18.5°degrees 40 3/4" 3/4
5-hybrid 27.0°degrees 37 3/4" 3/4
6-iron 32.0°degrees 36 3/8" 3/8
7-iron 35.0°degrees 35 3/4" 3/4
8-iron 39.0°degrees 35 1/4" 1/4
9-iron 43.0°degrees 34 3/4" 3/4
PW 48.0°degrees 34 1/2" 1/2
SW 55.0°degrees 34 1/4" 1/4
Putter 3.0°degrees 33"

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