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Hoofer Lite

In the lightweight, durable Hoofer Lite bag, a new strap connector eases on/off, front-adjusting shoulder pads are integrated with SensorCool Technology, there’s a cushioned hip pad, a roomy four-way top, and seven pockets offering storage options for essentials and extras.

PING Hoofer Lite Technology

  • Adjustable Shoulder Pads

    Keep your cool on the course beneath easy-adjusting shoulder pads that are integrated with SensorCool Technology. Use the strap connector to carry the bag by a single strap or backpack style with optimal weight distribution.
  • Attached Rain Hood

    Attached Rain Hood

    Keeping your PING clubs dry is easy; simply deploy the rain hood that is snapped inside the cushioned hip pad. When it's not raining, the rain hood provides extra padding for the walk.
  • Cushioned Hip Pad

    Adding to the comfort and ease of carrying the Hoofer Lite is a large, cushioned pad that rests conveniently on the hip for support during your round. 
  • View of 4 Series Four-Way Reinforced Top

    Rigid 4-Way Top

    The wells are sturdy and spacious to keep clubs protected, organized, and less prone to bunching. A high-impact polypropylene frame and anti-flex walls ensure durability and lasting quality.
  • Hoofer carry bag strap connector

    New Strap Connector

    A new strap connector makes slipping the bag on and off a smooth, simple operation. Its ergonomic design works with the front-adjusting shoulder pads to keep the bag feeling light and balanced. 
  • Water-Bottle Pocket

    Your water bottle is always in easy reach during your round, located lower on the bag in a pocket so you can quickly grab hydration while walking.
  • Black Hoofer Lite Carry Bag
  • Black Camo / Platinum
  • Ocean / Grey
  • Blue Black Hoofer Lite Carry Bag
    Blue / Black
  • Navy Graphite White Hoofer Lite Carry Bag
    Navy / Graphite / White
  • Navy / Grey / Orange
  • Scarlet / Black / Grey
  • White Red Black Hoofer Lite Carry Bag
    White / Red / Black
  • Black / Neon / Grey Speckle
  • Fairway / Grey
  • Graphite Black Canyon Copper Hoofer Lite Carry Bag
    Graphite / Black / Canyon Copper
  • Grey / White / Mint
  • Silver Magenta Bloom Hoofer Lite Carry Bag
    Silver / Dark Magenta Bloom
  • Storm / Coral Bloom

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Ping Hoofer Lite
Hoofer Lite

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